Top 10 tips for a spring home makeover!

Spring has finally sprung, and after the long and drawn-out winter there couldn’t be a better time to spruce up your home. We take a look at the top 10 tips for an easy Spring makeover, that will not only transform your home, but won’t break the bank either.

Start with a good clear up, and clear out!

It may sound really basic but clearing out any unwanted items in your home is one of the best ways to get started with a makeover. Clear away all of your winter clothes, get rid of that old paperwork and throw out your unwanted clothes, books, crockery – anything at all that’s been sitting around unused and unloved. Take it all to your local charity shop to give yourself that brand-new, breathable space. Now you are ready to get started with the rest of the makeover, and you haven’t even spent a penny yet.

Clean your windows

Don’t underestimate how much of a difference cleaning the windows in your home will make. The extra light that comes flooding in will make such a difference, and of course your views will improve at the same time!

Paint a new feature wall

This year, the experts tell us that natural colours are a must. Using botanical greens, rustic browns, sandy beiges, light sky blues and cloudy whites will ensure you keep completely on trend. You simply can’t go wrong with these clean colours. You’ll only need a small amount of paint to do a single wall, so you can save your extra pennies, or treat yourself and splash out on a luxury brand!

Love your bathroom, ensuite and wet room spaces

Investing in a new vanity unit will help to tidy away all of your bathroom clutter. Once the spaces are clear, it’s time for a deep clean. Bleach can work wonders, but you could consider something more radical with a tile paint – it not only covers a multitude of sins, but it can also completely transform your bathroom space. You could also refresh your bathroom blinds with something light and bright. Are you overlooked? Add a subtle film to your glazing to still let in plenty of light, whilst keeping your dignity intact!

Lighten up your linens

Fold up all of your winter throws and blankets, and instead, opt for light coloured cotton and linen fabrics. Find a nice crisp white bed linen and layer with cushions and throws in soft pastel colours.

Invest in some heavenly scents

Indulge in some wonderful spring scents for your home. Light and zesty fragrances are the best to use this time of year, think lemon, apple and jasmine for light and subtle scents to welcome spring into your home.

Refresh your artwork

Updating your entire collection of artwork is probably too big an undertaking and no doubt more than you want to be doing, however in your main living spaces, swapping out some of your artwork can help to give these spaces a brand-new feel. Keeping the tone light, bright and fun will help to embrace the coming summer months.

Add some flora and fauna

Treat yourself to some new indoor plants, the more the better – they are not only great for your home, but they are also great for you and look fantastic! If you have a fireplace you are no longer using now the weather is warmer, you could fill this with foliage for a pretty spring makeover.

Update your outside space

It’s time to sweep away all of those old leaves from the patio and make way for a new fresh outdoor space. You’ll no doubt need to clean up any of your old outdoor furniture and as soon as it is gleaming, add a pop of colour with some new cushions in bright eye-catching colours. Again, greens, blues and yellows keep your colour palette natural and in keeping with your interiors. Plant some new shrubs, add some pots of colour and invest in a firepit to ensure you can still enjoy the great British summertime even when the sun has disappeared!

Don’t forget the basics – and enjoy!

It always makes such a difference when we upgrade the very basics in our homes. Investing in a new doormat, shower curtain or even lounge rug can give tired spaces such a complete overhaul. Don’t forget tableware, it’s another small but effective way to update the look and feel of your kitchen and dining areas. These are really cost-effective ways to finish the new clean spaces you have created and again, they won’t break the bank. Once you’re all finished, put your feet up and enjoy the results of all of your hard work!