Why I love where I live: Sarah Millican, HR Director at PLS Solicitors 

At PLS, we’re on a mission to help the nation love where they live. While this often means supporting home buyers and sellers on their journey to their dream home, it also involves helping homeowners – who already love where they live – through the remortgaging process. 

The PLS team understands what it means to make a house a home. And so, in this series, you’ll find out why our team members love where they live, starting with Sarah Millican, our wonderful HR Director. 

Sarah’s home is in the picturesque village of Worsley in Salford. With its beautiful Tudor buildings and abundance of greenery, visiting this little town is like stepping back in time. 

“It’s a really lovely area,” Sarah shares. “For a small town, there’s so much to do. We’re lucky to have so many cosy pubs and shops on the high street, and some beautiful walks just a stone’s throwaway. There’s the Bridgwater canal, which is steeped in history, along with Worsley Woods and the RHS Garden Bridgewater.”

For Sarah, moving to Worsley came shortly after she and her husband had their first child. 

“We moved to Worsley in 2010. Before that, we lived in a townhouse, which wasn’t conducive for a young family. There were too many stairs for our toddler! So, we started our house hunt.”

“We searched for the perfect property for ages but struggled to find the space we needed for the right price. And then, this house came up. At first, my husband didn’t want to see it; he didn’t like the look of it! But I had a gut feeling, and I knew it was the one as soon as I saw it.”

Once they looked around the property, her husband was also charmed by the pretty countryside home. The pair quickly put in an offer, and, to their delight, it was accepted. 

While the house needed some light renovations, the couple were happy to take on the project – especially given the house’s prime location. 

“I love everything about our home. It’s at the end of a peaceful, tree-lined col de sac, and we’re lucky to wake up to countryside views every morning. It’s the kind of home that people never leave! Most of our neighbours have been here for years, and everyone is lovely and friendly.”

Since moving to Worsley 13 years ago, a lot has changed for the Millican family. They welcomed their second child in 2014, and their home has proven itself as the perfect setting for their two boys to grow up. 

“There are great schools around us and a real sense of community. My youngest son plays for the local under nine’s football team, and I manage the team alongside two coaches. We’ve been involved with the club since he was four years old. PLS is even involved – they sponsor the team, buying their kits yearly!”

Sarah and her husband have pondered moving house at points, especially as her boys near their teenage years. But Worsley has captured their hearts.

Rather than moving, the family have chosen to remortgage and extend their beloved home.  

“Every time we consider moving, we look around, but nothing compares to where we are now. Worsley is quite an expensive area, so to get something this size again would probably be out of our price range.”

“What we’ve ended up doing is extending this property – three times! The new size is great for the boys, especially if they have friends over. By renovating, we’ve also added value – it’s worth a lot more than when we bought it. Even so, I can’t see us moving away any time soon. This house really is our home, and it fits our family perfectly.” 

If you’re interested in remortgaging your property, contact the PLS team today. Our dedicated team of specialists can help you remortgage with confidence.

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