Meet Sean Driscoll, one of our Love Where You Live competition winners! 

We recently launched our ‘Love Where You Live‘ campaign to shine a light on the UK’s beautiful towns and cities. As well as learning about why our team members love their homes, we also asked you to share why you love where you live – with the chance to win some fantastic prizes!

We were enthused by the number of responses we received from up and down the country. It is heartwarming to see just how many people passionately love where they live. Our competition winners were selected at random, but we are delighted with who got selected.

In this blog, you’ll meet Sean Driscoll, the first of our three prizewinners. 

“It feels lovely to win something,” beams Sean as he sits down to speak to us about his home in the historic town of Luton, Bedfordshire.

“I live in a 1950s semi-detached house in a quiet cul-de-sac,” he shares. “My wife and I bought our home thirty years ago, meaning I’ve lived here almost half my life!” 

For Sean and his wife, the move to their current dwelling was spurred by their young, growing family. 

“My wife and I have six children – three of which are triplets – and we had a dog and a cat. The children are grown up now and live in London. But thirty years back, we were looking for a forever home we could raise our family in,” he explains.

“We looked at loads of places initially, but nothing felt right. We’d heard of this house, and the size was perfect – but it was too expensive. Over time, the price luckily came down, making it closer to what we could afford. So, we decided to have a look.”

For Sean and his wife, seeing this house was a rare case of love at first sight. He explains: “They say you know when you know, and when we walked in – even before we saw the whole place – we knew it was the one.” 

Beyond being the perfect size for their bustling family, he also adores his home’s peaceful setting. 

“Our house is about a mile and a half from the town centre. Even though Luton has a reputation as a busy, industrial town, where we live feels very rural and peaceful.”

“When you look out into the garden, you can’t see any other houses. It’s a very relaxing place. In fact, some of our neighbours have lived here even longer than us – it’s the kind of area where people stay.” 

While the tranquillity of the property is certainly a draw, Sean also appreciates Luton’s fantastic transport links for work and socialising. 

“We’re lucky to have great links to the rest of the country: the airport, train lines, and right next to the M1. I go to meetings all over the country for my job as a sports agent, so it’s perfectly situated for me. And then, of course, we’ve also got beautiful countryside five minutes away. It’s the best of both worlds.” 

When Sean’s not on the road, he enjoys venturing into Luton’s nearby villages and landmarks, which are rich in history and natural beauty. 

“There are many fantastic walks near us and some great attractions where you can learn about local history, like the Luton Hoo and the Discovery Centre. We also enjoy heading into London to see our children – it’s actually the triplets’ birthdays today!” 

With such fond memories and a bustling community surrounding them, could Sean and his wife ever see themselves moving away? 

“I think, unless we won a crazy amount of money in the lottery, we would stay here. We’re very happy, and it’s where we brought the kids up. It feels like home.”

Thank you, Sean, and to everyone who entered our competition from all the team at PLS. But wait – there are more prizes to be won!

If you love where you live and want to be in with a chance to win, submit your entry today by showing us how you celebrated the King’s Coronation in your town!

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