For the first time the British Para Ice Hockey team asks the public to vote for their team member of the year!

This year’s end of season awards is taking place to recognise players and team members who have performed exceptionally well and this year you can vote for your favourite!

As sponsors of the Manchester Mayhem team, we are of course keen that our team gets some recognition – not least as they narrowly missed the top spot in the 2019 league, and they have some of the best talent, drive and determination around.

Please send your nominations, along with a brief paragraph as to why you’ve chosen them, to: before March 31st and hopefully we will be able to announce some Mayhem winners here on the PLS Solicitors page.

The Award categories are:

  • Best Netminder
  • Best Defenceman
  • Best Forward
  • Best Coach

Here is a short list of those in the categories.

Best Netminder:

Darren Pomfret

Starting Goalie. Was at the top or near the top of the stats tales for Save Percentage, Wins and kept the Mayhem in games at times when things might not have gone their way.

Doug Hankinson

Doug recorded a shut out and came in as a backup – arguably the hardest thing to do, but always gave us a chance to win and pushed Darren hard for starting role. Always ready to go!

Best Defenceman:

Peggy Assinck

Canadian International, helped bring calm and stability to the squad. Acted as a second coach on the ice during games and experience rubbed off on players, old and new. Rarely lost her cool.

Graham Wilson

The Pain Train – always ready to use his physical presence, but can also set up breakout plays to the Forwards,. Has to handle the other sides top players… really grown into the role over the last few years.

Simon Berry

Joined from Kingston. Really put his vast experience to use, another calming presence in the team. Played both Forward and Defence and adapted to both.

Best Forward:

Karl Nicholson

Club Captain, gives his all every game! Played through injuries and refuses to lose. Can be a calming influence and driven when needed. Often scores and sets up goals.

Rob Allen

Was in the top of the chart for points and Assists. If he has the puck – get open, as Rob will find you. Always ready to go and a fierce competitor.

Ant Booth

Hard hitting – can score, can pass, an all-round threat. Can beat you on the scoreboard or physically. Opposition Defencemen are wary when Ant’s on the ice.

Best Coach:

Peter Hagan

You know him, you may even work with him! Pete has not only helped create and grow the Mayhem, both on and off the ice, he has helped develop players, raise the profile of the team, bring in new people to the sport and make the Mayhem one of the teams that’s mentioned in discussions for Silverware every season.

Send your nominations, along with a brief paragraph as to why you’ve chosen them to: before March 31st.