At times like this, digital and information technology comes into its own.

Moving Home?
Sign, upload, track from home.

PLS Solicitors was, ironically, set up by its founding members, Aash Dhand and Rob Thomas, just before the last recession hit and in that time, like many firms, we have experienced many challenges. Now we face an unprecedented one.

Whilst our industry has changed significantly and organisations like the Land Registry and lenders are still working on ways to fully remove paper and permit digital signatures industry wide, we have a lot more to do.

In 2017 we launched the PLS Portal 24/7 with great success. It allowed us and our clients to interact securely on line, share documents on line, permit digital signing of all our key legal documents such as terms of business and contracts, and allowed clients to upload information such as ID and source of funds. 

Last year we launched our PLS Portal 247 on the App and Play stores. Our native Apps have been a great success and allows our customers to fully manage their case on line –  if they want to of course.

For our firm, this is the one of the great ways we can achieve completion levels of over 9500 on customer purchases and sales completions each year.  Since last year we are already working on 8000 transactions to date, all of which can be completed via our Apps or web Portal.

Portals and Apps like ours are not necessarily new, but they are different and operate with differing degrees of success. They are also indicative of larger firms that do large volumes. We think the secret for success at the moment is to balance online activity with personal communication. Customers can talk to any one of our 100 conveyancers during times like this, and they will always help direct and update on their current home-move status.

Dan Hickey, Managing Director or Aash Dhand, Co-Founder of PLS Solicitors.  
“Since the COVID-19 lockdown we have had many calls from our anxious customers seeking advice and comfort on what they can do to ensure their sale or purchase goes through or to guide them on the options available.” Hickey continues “Every one of our team has been working hard to be available to all of our clients during this uncertain period and to make sure we give them clear and comprehensive advice on the full options available. We need to be on hand to understand and cater for each of their differing needs and to manage them through this difficult period.”

Please find below download links needed to access the PLS 24/7 App. It will take you just a few minutes to get set up and ready.



Alternatively, you can access our web-portal below: