Our pride in PRIDE and their achievements for over 30 years!

Our pride in PRIDE and its achievements for over 30 years!

The month of June is an important reminder of the outstanding influence that the LGBTQ+ community has had on educating businesses and communities across the globe.

Diversity and inclusion, respect and care for others has to be at the core of a company’s foundation. With over 160 staff of all ages, backgrounds and gender, we are proud to celebrate the diversity of our team.

June 2020 has been a significant month for diversity issues and sadness, not least the marches and demonstrations for another important issue – Black Lives Matter, opposing racism across the world. Like the pejorative issues surrounding LGBTQ+, racism has no place in our communities and must be eradicated.

In our support for PRIDE this month, we would like to flash back to last year and a moment when we were extremely proud of our local team Alty FC, whom we sponsor – they made history by wearing their LGBT rainbow coloured shirts. Just like the inspirational support UK footballers are giving to Black Live Matters, we believe this is a fantastic place to start – a wonderful photo and a great reminder of where the responsibility begins.

So yes, we are and we will continue to be celebrators of the incredible achievements that promote inclusion of all genders, sexualities, cultures and races. For PLS, our people have been the reason we are successful and it fills us with great pride to honour this month and the work the LGBTQ+ community has achieved in the last 30 years.