Fed up of renting?

Fed up with renting but struggling to get on the property ladder? Shared ownership might be the perfect alternative and – with the help of PLS – you could be picking up your keys in no time.

Our experienced property specialists pride themselves on meeting their clients’ needs and are perfect guides for those embarking on a home-buying journey with any of the UK’s shared ownership providers.

Why Shared Ownership?

Shared ownership is the middle ground between leasing and purchasing a home, and one of the most affordable alternatives to renting. In a scheme of this type, you’ll buy a share of between 25-75% in a new build or resale property. As a result:

  • You’ll pay a smaller deposit.
  • Your monthly mortgage payments will be reduced (as you’ll only pay them on the portion you own).
  • The rent you’ll pay on the remaining unowned share will likely be below market value.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to purchase the remainder of your property over time.

To be eligible for a shared ownership scheme, you’ll need to be either a first-time buyer or someone who doesn’t currently own a home.

Meet Your PLS Buddy

Shared ownership contracts can be confusing to navigate, particularly for first-time buyers unaccustomed to the legal jargon associated with securing a home.

For example, many shared ownership schemes offer “staircasing” – a means to purchase the entirety of your home over time and one of many clauses and considerations that add to the complexity of completing a purchase.

At PLS, we make the complicated simple – by offering step-by-step support and advice throughout; from securing a mortgage to completion.

You’ll be given a dedicated client relationship manager – known as a ‘PLS Buddy’ – who will advise you on:

  • The meaning of any documentation that needs signing.
  • The deadlines for completing paperwork.
  • Any queries (technical or otherwise) you may have along the way.

Choose PLS For 24/7 Case Updates

Our 24/7 PLS Portal is a valuable tool that allows you to:

  • Easily track the progression of your case.
  • Receive instant updates on the go.
  • Get in touch with your legal team.
  • Safely and instantly exchange documents.

Plus, if you have an Amazon Alexa at home, our integrated askPLS app (available on the Amazon Skill Store) can deliver case updates via your virtual assistant.

Combine these technologically advanced solutions with your PLS Buddy and keeping up to speed with a property purchase has never been so easy.

Add being on every lender panel and our ability to provide a quote seven days a week in to the mix and PLS are the obvious choice for those looking to take their first step on to the property ladder.