The future of PLS – how COVID-19 has changed our business

In recent years, PLS has been an advocate of advancements within the property sector. With the introduction of the PLS 24/7 portal in 2016 and our latest technology investment this year in the new askPLS Alexa Skills app, it is clear we are breaking boundaries. That said, since this recent pandemic hit and lockdown restrictions were put in place, it has reinforced our focus on the future and how we move forward as a stronger and more resilient business.

Whilst we have always appreciated our staff at PLS and continually seek new ways to mark great achievements, looking after our teams at a distance has taken a new mindset and focus. Throughout lockdown and as we have been returning to the office, we have not only prioritised our systems, but also the health and wellbeing of our teams. Without their hard work and dedication, we would not have been able to expand, develop our processes and provide great service to our customers. This new focus has even extended throughout our Senior Management Team and Board of Directors, who have personally been involved in staff engagement through lockdown.

In week 4 of lockdown as part of our efforts to support our staff, we encouraged those on furlough to keep busy and expand their knowledge by making use of our free online training. 

As part of our return process, we asked everyone how they were feeling and if there was anything that could be done to make the transition easier for them. We have also launched an enhanced Employee Assistance Programme that now has an emphasis on mental health.

One of the toughest parts has been staying in touch with our network of referrers, but we have been creating weekly newsletters that we share with housebuilders, agents and brokers that have proved a real success.

We believe that with our focus on technology in an increasingly virtual world and on supporting the well-being of our people, the future looks bright for PLS. We are certain we are able to overcome adversity and come out stronger than ever.