A Poem for PLS

The first for PLS! Look what our client sent in – our own dedicated poem. You can imagine our delight.

Saying YES to PLS

When we found our dream home, 
Made of bricks, wood and stone, 
The mortgage was next to address. 

With funds we had saved, 
We kept ourselves well behaved, 
For the deposit we had to possess. 

Then Gleeson assured us, 
That working with you, 
Would save us a worry or two. 

We said YES PLS, 
And with speedy progress, 
There’s hardly that much left to do. 

As we move ever closer, 
To exchange of contracts, 
It’s now time to sit back and wait. 

For it is out of our hands, 
We have sent off our scans, 
And PLS have been nothing but great.