6 Things to do to Keep Your Bedroom a Stress Free Zone

No matter how efficient and helpful your solicitors, moving home is rarely a serene, headache-free experience.

It is inevitable – given how much people invest emotionally and financially in picking up the keys to a new property – that the slightest of delays can send stress levels soaring.

It is, therefore, important to remember to unpack your anxieties along with the rest of your possessions when you do step across the threshold of your new home.

Which is why, during Stress Awareness Month, we have some top tips to help you bring some tranquillity back into your life.

And if you have suffered the odd sleepless night ahead of moving day, it makes sense to start in the bedroom! Sleep is undoubtedly good for the soul but research shows that 35 percent of adults are not getting enough of it – often as a consequence of their surroundings not being conducive to kip.

Your bedroom should be the place you feel at your most relaxed so let’s look at some easy steps you can take to secure a good night’s sleep.

1. Making Your Bed Helps You Sleep

We’re not kidding. As easy as it is to roll out of bed and forget about it, future you will not be grateful that you did. A poll conducted by the National Sleep Foundation showed that those who go to the effort of resetting their sheets get better sleep overall.

2. Tidy Room, Tidy Mind!

Regardless of whether they are clean or dirty, piles of clothes on the floor or stacked up on a chair in a corner can create a cluttered atmosphere. While it may just sound like something that fed up parents tell their teens, there is research that proves a tidy room equals a tidy mind.

3. Don’t Take Your Phone To Bed

Unless you actually are, you are not a member of the emergency services and have no need to be hooked to a hotline. Using your phone before bed can seriously disrupt your body’s ability to shut down. Try reading a book to unwind instead and you’ll feel the benefits of time away from your mobile in the morning.

4. Keep a Pad and Pencil Close By

Instead of spending the whole night worrying about forgetting things you need to do the next day, write them down. As well as clearing your head, you’ll be more organised and efficient when you do wake up. Even if you are not a natural worrier, you never know when inspiration might strike for that book you’ve always said you would write.

5. Keep Your Bed a Clutter-Free Zone

Your bed should be the one place you can really relax and trying to do that while sharing it with a cascade of cushions, clothes and clutter is a recipe for restlessness. Do yourself a favour by ensuring there is enough space to stretch out.

6. Clear That Bedside Table

Try to make sure that the only things within easy reach are items you actually need – be it a book, glass of water or the aforementioned pen and paper. Aside from delivering a clean aesthetic, doing so reduces the chances of being distracted.