10 tips for staying warm and cosy this winter

There’s a change in the air…

Gone are the summer barbecues from the supermarkets, replaced by Halloween pumpkins and Christmas decorations. Flip-flops, T-shirts and shorts have all been stored away in favour of socks, boots and cosy jumpers. And, of course, the leaves on the trees have started to fall, decorating the ground with gold and auburn hues. 

This can only mean one thing: wintertime is approaching. 

There’s a lot to love about the cooler months in England – especially if you’re a new homeowner! There’s nothing quite like decorating your home with Christmas decorations for the first time and snuggling up as a family on the sofa during the longer evenings.

But, as we all know, England in winter can be terribly cold, so it’s wise to make your home feel as toasty and inviting as possible.

With that in mind, here are our top tips for staying warm and cosy during the winter months. 

Keep your toes toasty with fluffy bed socks

The weather outside might be frightful, but a fire isn’t the only delightful way to stay warm! Fluffy bed socks are inexpensive and delightfully comfy, making them a must-have for your winter wardrobe.

We also love that these fashionable garments come in a variety of colours and patterns. For the little ones, you can even buy fluffy bed socks with superhero designs! 

Create a snuggly living room den with blankets and hot water bottles

After a long day at work when the temperature’s low, what’s more inviting than a comfy living room den where you can relax and wind down? It’s really easy to create a snuggly sanctuary with a couple of throws and blankets. 

Our top tip is to put a hot water bottle under your blanket for a few minutes before you wrap it around yourself, so it’s extra warm inside. We’re also big fans of teddy blankets; their fleecy material is soft and luxurious, and will definitely keep you as snug as a bug! 

Wrap up in warm cosy PJs and dressing gowns 

Fleecy materials aren’t just for blankets. Most high-street retailers have a range of super soft, super warm fleece pyjamas and dressing gowns. Not only are these items incredibly comfortable, but they also have thermal properties, making them perfect for the winter months. 

Side note, if you’re thinking about what to get your family members for Christmas, fleece pyjamas – and perhaps some fluffy bed socks – are a wonderful seasonal gift. 

Slip on some slippers

Sumptuous slippers are a fantastic way to feel cosy during the chilly mornings and are luxurious to sink your feet into after a long day. With fabrics ranging from comfortable velvet to faux fur, and styles from simple slip-ons to knitted booties, there’s a host of options out there for you to choose from!

Keep the cold out with a novelty draught excluder

Whether you’re in a new build or a slightly older home, a draught excluder is a great way to keep the chill out. You place these long, thick strips of material under doors and window frames to prevent any cold air from entering the room. 

These handy accessories come in a range of different colours, materials and shapes. We personally love the ones that come in the shape of sausage dogs – they’re adorable! If you’ve got a talent for needlework, you could even sew your own draught excluder with old tights and woolly jumpers.

Cocoon yourself and your home in woolly garments and furnishings 

It’s well known that wool is one of the warmest fabrics out there. It’s also super versatile. You can buy wool jumpers, cushion, and throws – the list goes on! Whatever your fashion taste, you’re sure to find some stylish and cosy wool items for winter.

Layer up with thermals

Layering your clothes is an effortless way to stay warm and comfortable in and out of the house. The rule of thumb is to start with a light, well-fitting thermal layer that insulates you from the cold. 

For your second layer, you can choose a jumper, shirt, cardigan or vest. If it’s really chilly, you might want to go for a similar third layer. Then, lastly, if you’re heading out and about, your final layer should be a cosy jacket or coat that keeps you snug and toasty. 

Retain warmth with thick, heavy curtains

Stylish and energy-saving, thick, heavy curtains are a fantastic way to put a decorative stamp on your new home while keeping the chill out! A lot of curtain providers offer fabric with thermal properties, which provide extra insulation.

Close your windows and doors 

This is a simple but often overlooked trick: closing your windows and doors between rooms. While ventilation is essential, it also lets heat escape. So, be mindful of how long you keep your windows and doors open – and keep them closed for most of the day in whatever rooms you spend most time in during the evening.

Warm the floors with rugs and carpets

While hard floors are certainly beautiful, they’re also vulnerable to heat loss – especially in older homes. To remedy this, you could potentially replace your wooden floors with soft, fluffy carpets, which are excellent at retaining heat.

If you want to keep your wooden floors (which many of us do!), another cost-effective option is to lay down thick fluffy rugs. These textile floor coverings are fashionable and insulating – your toes will definitely thank you!

Wrapping up!

So, there you have it! The PLS team’s top 10 tips for having a cosy, warm winter. 

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