The PLS Training Academy: Get the inside scoop on life as a new joiner!

Six weeks ago, we officially opened the doors to the PLS Training Academy, a venture in which seven talented recruits joined our company to learn everything there is to know about the fast-paced world of conveyancing.

Beyond being an intensive training course, we designed the academy with long-term, meaningful careers in mind. Each new joiner will move through every PLS department, honing their skills in everything from legal administration to customer service.

One of our talented academy pupils is Ghalib, who came across the PLS Training Academy advertisement while seeking a career change.

“PLS accepted my application, and here I am,” enthuses Ghalib. “I’ve only been here six weeks, but it feels longer somehow. The team has been so welcoming and helpful – and I feel like I’ve learnt so much already!”

Within a little over a month, he has undertaken a mixture of classroom training and office-based work. He explains: “On day one, we received a really thoughtfully put together timetable, so we knew what to expect from each day.”

“For the first three weeks, we undertook training in a classroom setting, where we learnt the ropes of conveyancing and PLS operational processes.”

Far from being school-like lessons, our Training and Development team planned out a creative, engaging learning programme that nurtured both the trainees’ specialist skills and soft skills.

“There were board games, interactive webinars, quizzes,” he shares. “It made the learning experience really fun and informative. I like how the team helped us improve our soft skills too. For example, we participated in a cool session on customer service and strategies for dealing with different customers.”

Following an in-depth introduction to conveyancing, the new joiners are rotating through our departments – and having a lot of fun along the way!

“I’d describe my experience so far as enjoyable, educational and…can I say enjoyable again?” says Ghalib, “Every day is different, and I love that I’ve been able to get stuck in so quickly. Plus, I’m making new friends along the way!”

Looking ahead, Ghalib is excited to further develop his skills with us. He concludes: “Once I graduate from the academy, I’m looking forward to gaining a more senior role. I feel like every individual fits in here. I can see myself at PLS for a long time.”

If you’d like to learn more about the PLS Training Academy, visit our careers page to-day.