Are new build homes a good idea?

Looking to buy or move home? You may be wondering if opting for a new build is a sensible idea.

The answer is more nuanced than a straight yes or no. A considerable part of your choice will come down to your personal preferences. 

As first time buyer experts, we do understand that decisions are made on a number of factors – location, character, ease of maintenance. In this piece we will explore the many benefits to purchasing a new build home.

Benefits of a new build home 

One of the major plus points of purchasing a new build is that, as the name suggests, your property will be completely new! Because of this, your maintenance costs will be much less than an older property.

As well as this, your energy bills are likely to be much cheaper. New-build homes tend to be better insulated than older ones, thanks to fixtures like double or triple-glazed windows and insulated walls. 

Did we mention the customisation opportunities too? If you purchase your new-build off-plan, you can influence certain aspects of the design, choosing things like kitchen counters, door knobs and more to your exact liking.

Finally, the cost advantage is arguably the most significant benefit of buying a new-build property. The government’s First Homes Schemes are available exclusively on new-build properties.

The buying process

Like all aspects of law, buying a new build home requires specialist legal advice from an expert conveyancing firm. So, if you’ve set your heart on a new build home, the best thing you can do is contact a conveyancer as soon as possible. 

That’s where we come in! Our legal experts have helped thousands of people across the UK move into the homes of their dreams. Find out more about our new build services here.