Buying your first property can be a daunting experience, but PLS is with you every step of the way.

PLS provides fist-time buyers with all the guidance necessary to buy their first home.

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First Time Buyers

The process of buying your first home can be confusing and it is important to us that you have the right help along the way. At PLS, our excellent customer service and dedicated conveyancing team allows you to have an easy transition on to the property ladder - free from stress and worry. Buying your first home is an exciting moment and here at PLS we recognise the importance of client satisfaction in buying your first house.

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Working With Our Customers

Whether you are buying your first home, moving up the ladder or restructuring your assets, we are the law firm for you.

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Working With First Time Buyers

Almost 50% of our work is with first time buyers from all across the UK and we have one of the largest new build departments in the country.

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Part Exchange Experts

We have a dedicated Part Exchange Team working closely with the major housebuilders and working to tight timescales, from 28 days from reservation to exchange.

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24/7 access is available to our PLS Portal via PC, tablet, or smartphone and is also available to download as an App. Customers have full access to their case file and can complete, sign and submit documents instantly. Updates can also be accessed by housebuilders.

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Shared Ownership Advice

Shared Ownership provides an opportunity to purchase a share in a new build or resales property and is an alternative to renting and to those who are unable to buy on the open market.

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First Homes Scheme Advice

The First Homes Scheme is a blossoming government initiative that provides discounted new-build homes to first-time buyers in England.

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What is the process of buying your first property?

Buying your first home is a new and daunting prospect, but with the right assistance you can have your foot on the first rung of the property ladder quickly and with minimal hassle.

  • Consider your wider financial situation – having the right guidance on your mortgage and your finances is vital. This way you can make a budget you know you can afford before you start visiting properties.
  • Finding a property – Next, you should find a property you like. You can search for your dream home on various property websites and visit local estate agents.
  • Make an offer – If you decide to buy a property and are comfortable with the mortgage repayments, then you are ready to make an offer. It does not have to be the asking price, and you never know, it may even be accepted!
  • Legal and financial advice – PLS is specialised in property and will complete the legal side of the purchase quickly and efficiently. Our team is experienced in dealing with all types of property transactions.
  • Purchase – If you are purchasing a property, we will review the draft contract pack, raise appropriate enquiries, and apply for searches. We will then provide you with a Report on the property and the legal documents in advance of exchange of contracts.

In the meantime, the lender will process your application and carry out their valuation of the property which you intend to purchase. When your mortgage offer is finally issued, a copy will be sent to you, your mortgage broker and solicitor. The solicitor’s copy generally arrives around one week after you receive your copy.

  • Sale – if you are selling a property, we will send you some property information forms and fittings and contents forms to you to complete at the outset of the transaction. We will also prepare a draft contract pack. All these documents will then be sent to the Buyer’s solicitors. The Buyers solicitors will raise enquiries and we may need your assistance when responding to some of these enquiries. Once all enquiries have been responded to and the Buyer is ready to proceed, we will then exchange contracts and complete on the transaction.
  • Exchange of contracts – once satisfactory replies to enquires and searches have been received and your mortgage offer has been issued, we will request your deposit. Exchanging contracts can be a lengthy process, especially if there is a long chain, but we will keep you updated and try to manage your expectations at this stressful time! Completion normally then takes place shortly after exchange of contracts.

What do I need to be aware of as a first-time buyer?

As a first-time buyer, the first thing for you to consider is your deposit. If any part of your deposit is being gifted from another party such as a family member, your lender will need to be made aware. We would suggest informing your mortgage broker at the earliest opportunity.

You will also need to ensure that you have budgeted for your legal fees and stamp duty. Please ensure that you have sat down with a financial advisor or mortgage broker and prepared a full budget of all costs.

What costs are involved?

There are several fees and disbursements which are part of the house buying process besides the actual price of the property you intend to buy. These include land registration fees, search costs, stamp duty land tax and more depending on the property you are buying. There are also valuation and product fees (and possibly other fees) for your mortgage/arrangement of your mortgage.

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Helpful easy process - prompt response to queries. Much better than traditional high street solicitors I have used before.


First-time Buyer Resources

See our resources for First Time Buyers.

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Renting vs. Shared Ownership: Bridging the Affordability Gap for Homeowners

The dream of owning a home is a significant milestone for many. However, in today's housing market, the affordability gap between renting and homeownership has become more pronounced than ever.

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How will the Bank of England’s 5% interest rate rise affect first-time buyers?

It is understandable why first-time buyers may now be second-guessing the decision to buy their first home. These market fluctuations are daunting, but it's essential to approach the situation with a level head and focus on the long-term opportunities.

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PLS Solicitors Wins New Build Team of the Year at the British Conveyancing Awards

We’re over the moon to announce that we have won the ‘New Build Team of the Year’ award at the prestigious British Conveyancing Awards ceremony, held on 21st March in central London.

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