Suicide Prevention Day – PLS

Nothing is more important to us than the well-being of our staff.

PLS Solicitors takes mental health at work seriously and on this Suicide Prevention Day we will take time to think about how we can continue conversations to support every member of our team.

The theme this year is ‘creating hope through action’, reminding us that it is positive action, no matter how big or small, will provide hope to those who are struggling.

In this current climate, conveyancers have carried tremendous pressure. As a conveyancer, your sole purpose is to help those relying on you, to get a sale through to completion on time, and some may struggle to cope with the mental strain this can have. In an industry that has had to cope with the Stamp Duty Holiday and new rules on Help-to-Buy, bringing tight deadlines and long hours, it is no wonder that many conveyancers and solicitors are finding their work increasingly at odds with their mental well-being.

Often unreported, those with mental health issues will suffer in silence. PLS strongly believes that promoting a culture of teamwork, conversation and collaboration, as well as having the appropriate management practice in place to deal with the wide array of mental health issues, will ‘create hope through action’.

As an industry, let’s take a stand and change the stigma surrounding mental health – keep talking and be kind.