Securing Islamic Finance for a high net worth investor client within four weeks

“Islamic Finance structures need hands-on expertise and capacity within the team!”
Kieran de Vares: Head of Real Estate

Borrowing money from an Islamic Finance provider in return for security can be confusing, fast paced and risky. PLS Solicitors has the knowledge and expertise to expertly guide you through the complexities of an Islamic Finance deal, providing quick and commercial advice to protect you along the way.

Our client’s challenge

Our client was a high net worth individual based in Middle East. We were instructed to purchase five new build properties with a value of circa £600k on various developments in the UK. We worked closely with the client’s multiple brokers and intermediaries, all of whom required regular updates on the progress of the purchases.

Bridging the gap

Our role involved everything from advising on security documents for each property to managing many Lender enquiries and facilitating the documentation process on behalf of our client. The Islamic Finance provider was new to our team, however we quickly built the credible relationship needed and the transaction was underway.

Responsive and timely delivery

We completed within four weeks from receiving the Islamic Finance offer, which was an unprecedented result due to the number of third parties and amount of man hours required for complex transactions like these.

The right result for our client

Our client was impressed with the speed in which we completed all investment transactions and we have since been recommended to various Islamic Finance providers.