Marvellous Medicine – Over 100 Applicants From Our NHS

While the weekly sound of UK households ‘clapping for carers’ fell silent in the spring, a law firm specialising in property transactions continued to bang the drum for those on the frontline of the battle to curb the coronavirus pandemic.

Since introducing its offer of a 50 per cent discount for NHS staff at the beginning of April, PLS Solicitors has handled more than 100 applications for healthcare professionals.

Dean Carruthers, Head of Operations for the firm, said being able to help uniformed customers was a source of immense pride for his experienced residential and conveyancing teams. 

“The discount was set up to say thank you to those who paraded wards, cared for patients and attended emergency calls while the rest of the population were locked down behind the safety of their front doors,” he explained. “We are delighted to have assisted so many of them in opening the doors to their next homes and to have removed some of the stress associated with moving from their already heavily-burdened shoulders.”

The company’s innovative PLS portal 24/7 has been instrumental in preventing property purchases from stalling by negating the need for NHS customers to find time between sleep and shifts to visit a physical office to sign documents, and its askPLS app has enabled them to remotely check on the progress of their case using an Amazon Alexa smart device. Dedicated PLS team leaders have also been on hand to provide a reassuring voice at the end of a phone whenever required. 

With the NHS now bracing itself for the triple blow of rising Covid-19 cases, tackling a backlog in treatment and a reduced winter capacity as a consequence of strict infection-control measures, PLS Solicitors hopes that those healthcare heroes who have been moving home during one of our most challenging times, can enjoy their dream home and that we have made just a little bit of difference.

Please note this offer has now expired.