The new must-haves for your next home move

We have all been contemplating the effects of the coronavirus pandemic in relation to our personal relationships, as well as overall health and wellbeing. However, reports from Redrow and Savills have revealed how effects of lockdown have now transformed the home buying experience – with movers seeking a transformed list of criteria.

Which homebuyers are most affected by lockdown?

Those with children under the age of 10 and those who are now working from home are some of the most affected when it comes to home buying priorities. Over half (53%) of parents with young children and 39% of those working from home have shifted their new home priorities as a direct result of the pandemic.

What to look for from your new house?

It’s good to focus on your must-haves when trawling through lists of houses for sale, so you know what key elements to look out for. Here are just some of the new important factors other home buyers have been searching for from their next home:

  • 60% are looking for outdoor space, as this is what many people have been making the most of during lockdown. This is more so for younger buyers, where the majority (71%) wish to have more outside space in their home
  • 40% are looking for a large kitchen with room to cook fresh meals and spend quality time with family
  • 39% of under-50s would like more space inside their home, particularly as half of people (49%) expect to continue to work from home post-lockdown
  • 29% are looking for energy efficient homes, so spending more time at home has a lesser effect on energy bills
  • 27% require high speed broadband, so they can continue to work and stream their favourite movies

What facilities will you need in the local area?

As well as requirements inside a property, whether you’re looking to move to a new home nearby or to a different location, amenities within your town or village are important to consider. With new ways of living, you will need to make sure you have everything you need within reach so that you can easily adjust. According to the studies, the locations and amenities homemovers are now looking for include:

  • 40% would prefer a village location to escape the stresses of busy towns and cities
  • 35% would like to be near open spaces for exercise and to socialise
  • 33% are looking to live near independent shops, as more people are looking to support local businesses
  • 32% would like to be close to a doctors’ surgery, as health is becoming a greater priority
  • 22% are looking to walk or cycle to their place of work to improve overall health and avoid contact on public transport

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