12 Weeks of Lockdown – making PLS a great place to work

“Our first six weeks was all about protecting our people and our customers” Sarah Millican, Head of HR PLS Solicitors

Lockdown has been a challenge for many organisations, not least those who had the devastating moment of putting their valued staff on furlough.

Since the Government opened the residential market in May, there have been conflicting updates on whether the housing market was going to go two steps forward or ten steps back. However, this month has been a real boost, with house move transactions at a 10-year high.

When PLS was formed during the last recession just over 10 years ago, we proved we can work with both care and confidence through any situation. This time around, our people once again needed to believe we could get through this, and we did.

Bring back our colleagues – One Team, One Goal

To keep our teams motivated, we set up our ‘One Team, One Goal’ campaign that was focused on the efforts required to ‘bring back our colleagues’ from furlough. Every Monday and Wednesday we sent out motivational quotes and videos – from sports legends and world leaders (past and present) to those who have changed the world in which we live. Our aim was to create a mindset where “anything is possible” (James Cracknell, Olympic gold medallist).

Through this strategy, we were able to promote that the only way through this was to be the first choice for customers. Like every other conveyancer, lockdown has been a challenge, but PLS is not only back fighting fit, we are also employing new people, creating new technology and raring to go for the next step in uncertain times.