Can a solicitor confirm my identity?

You’ve officially instructed your solicitor and begun your home buying journey and one of the first things your conveyancer will ask for is proof of ID: both photo and proof of address. 

This request should be no cause for concern. Verifying your identity is an obligatory part of the conveyancing process, designed to satisfy money laundering regulations and prevent fraudulent transactions.

With the advent of technology, confirming your ID has never been easier for solicitors to do. At PLS Solicitors, for example, we’ve created an online portal where you can upload documents quickly and securely, check the progression of your transaction and speak with your solicitor – 24/7! Our internal technology systems are linked to specialist software to ensure that potential imposters and criminals are quickly identified.

In terms of ID documents, we require you to share the following: 

  • Photo ID: We’ll need a picture of your driver’s license or current passport.
  • Proof of home address: We’ll need two separate documents proving your home address. Bank statements, HMRC letters, gas, water and electricity bills work perfectly! 

Once we’ve verified your ID, which shouldn’t take long at all, we can move forward with your property transaction. As the PLS Portal exemplifies, we aim to make your journey onto the property ladder as easy and stress-free as possible.

Ready to get started? Contact our friendly team to find out more.