Residential Conveyancing Department Manager

Altrincham office with hybrid working available

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Residential Conveyancing Department Manager

Based in Altrincham – Hybrid working

Duties will include:

  • Team Leadership and Engagement:
    • Foster a supportive and collaborative team environment.
    • Lead by example to inspire team members, setting clear expectations and demonstrating commitment to the firm’s values and objectives.
    • Regularly conduct team meetings to ensure alignment and address any concerns.
    • Promote an open-door policy to encourage open communication and team cohesion.
  • Performance Management:
    • Develop and implement a comprehensive performance management system that includes setting individual and team targets aligned with department goals.
    • Regularly review team members’ performance via MI and discuss through one-on-one meetings and provide constructive feedback.
    • Identify high performers for recognition and underperformers for developmental support.
    • Utilise performance data to tailor coaching and mentoring efforts to individual needs.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making:
    • Harness the power of MI and data analytics to track team performance and identify areas for improvement.
    • Use insights gained from data to make informed decisions that drive productivity and enhance service delivery.
  • Conflict Resolution and Problem Solving:
    • Act as a mediator to resolve interpersonal or professional conflicts within the team.
    • Employ problem-solving skills to address and rectify workflow disruptions and client issues promptly and efficiently.
  • Training and Development:
    • Champion continuous learning and development within the team.
    • Identify skill gaps/training needs and feed these into the Manager responsible for team training delivery.
  • Client Relationship Management:
    • Oversee client interactions ensuring the team provides top-tier service.
    • Monitor client feedback to gauge satisfaction levels and adjust processes accordingly.
    • Develop strategies to improve client engagement and retention.

Essential Skills:

  • Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.
  • Proven experience in operational team management, preferably within a legal or conveyancing environment.
  • Intermediate knowledge of conveyancing, not necessarily at an expert level, but sufficient to understand and manage the team effectively.
  • Strong competency in data analysis and management information systems.
  • Demonstrated ability to meet and exceed performance targets.

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Date Posted
15 May 2024

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