What documentation do we prepare for bridging finance companies?
22nd May 2014

We act for numerous bridging finance companies. These companies approach us at different stages.

Some already have have all their precedent documentation assembled and merely ask us to act for them, in certifying title, whereas others come to us right at the start of their new business.

When a new bridging finance company ask us for assistance, the first thing we advise them on is with regards to regulations and approvals.

Once the company has been appropriately authorised we will then go off and create their precedent documentation. A full suite of bridging finance documents which we would create, will normally have the following:

– Facility letter for a corporate borrower;
– Facility letter for an individual borrower;
– Legal charge for a corporate borrower;
– Legal charge for an individual borrower;
– Written resolutions for corporate borrowers;
– Debenture;
– Guarantee for an individual;
– Guarantee for a corporate;
– Deed of priority;
– Board minutes;

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