Each solicitor of varying competence
02nd May 2017

I have bought 7 houses in the past, each solicitor of varying competence, on one house purchase I had to change companies as it was that bad; poor communication and so slow that we nearly lost the house sale. Admittedly, it has helped that the company, PLS Solicitors is local to where I live. This has meant being able to have face to face meetings with the solicitor. Aash was recommended by a friend and the estate agent, he is totally amazing person who delivered a first class service. Aash is very personable, moved meetings to accommodate us, answered questions in non-legal dialogue and have chased third parties on the purchase; the whole process was pain free. He has given valuable advice since we haven’t been in the area for long and has quickly become a very important person in our lives. Aash was assisted by Kirsty, Conveyancing Assistant who was very good too. Kirsty was always on hand to answer questions. I don’t ever want to move house again but if I do, Aash is the only person I want to deal with, even if he left PLS Solicitors. Amazing service, amazing person, amazing experience.

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