Do you offer fixed price conveyancing?
28th August 2014

Where possible we do try and offer fixed price conveyancing.

In certain situations it is difficult to offer fixed price conveyancing and in those situations, we will offer a fixed price and then provide you with a menu of additional fixed price fees which if incurred will apply to the transaction.

The menu of fees will be sent to you with our client care letters so you will have full transparency of what those fees are.

As a firm we will always give you a full breakdown of costs together with a list of any potential additional fees which could be charged through the transaction.

We will also, where possible, provide you with written confirmation of any additional fees which will be charged.

There is no “one size fits all” fee for a quote on a sale and purchase as the amount quoted varies depending on prices paid or sold and whether the property is leasehold or freehold.

We tend to have scale fees depending on the value of the property and what is required i.e. whether it is a re-mortgage quote; transfer of equity or a sale and purchase.

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