Working relationship between a solicitor and their assistant at PLS Solicitors
17th January 2012

PLS Solicitors employ a model that is different from the traditional model for solicitors dealing with residential transactions to ensure that a service that is second to none is given to our clients.

Traditionally, a solicitor handles a transaction from start to finish including all matters pre-exchange of contracts, post-exchange and post completion.  The vast majority of firms still use this way of working with solicitors benefitting from secretarial assistance for the typing up of letters and emails and other documentation.  PLS Solicitors has, however, broken the mould in order to increase efficiency and hence bring down transaction times so speeding up the whole process.

Our dedicated teams of solicitors will carry out the core legal work for any transaction and use their legal expertise to produce detailed reports on title for each case.  Each solicitor will then take a file through to exchange of contracts and will then pass it to their assistant.  The role of the assistant, at PLS Solicitors, is to carry out post exchange matters and in particular to provide a completion statement and send out the transfer documentation for signature by our clients in time for completion.  All post completion matters will also be carried out by the assistant including registering the property at the Land Registry.

We find that the splitting up of work tasks between solicitor and assistant has greatly enhanced the service we are able to provide.  A greater degree of focus can be brought to bear by both solicitor and assistant in their respective roles than if a solicitor handles all of the work throughout with secretarial support.  In turn, clients benefit from very accurate, clear legal advice from their solicitor leading up to exchange of contracts and timely addressing of the various post completion formalities by the assistant.

This is just one of the ways that PLS Solicitors have managed to reduce transactions times for our clients.

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