Tell Clients to Donate More in Wills, Charities Group Urges
31st May 2013

Have you ever thought as a solicitor to remind clients to consider leaving money to good causes in their will? After a trial scheme increased legacies left by £1m.

Three times as many Britons would leave a gift to charities if their solicitor reminded them to consider it, the trial results suggested.

A project, which looked at 1,000 new wills, was conducted by the Cabinet Office team, in partnership with charity Remember A Charity and the Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) revealed that when solicitors

When solicitors told clients that leaving a gift to charity was possible there was an increase of 5% in donations

When clients were asked if there were any charities that they were passionate about, it rose by 10%

During the trial £1m of gifts was left to charities in wills.

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