Setting up a business
16th April 2013

Setting up a business

Setting up a new business is big challenge, yet very stimulating. Here at PLS Solicitors we relish the relish the opportunity of working with new businesses and developing new relationships based on confidence, mutual respect, value and of course high quality legal advice and service.

Whatever business model you wish to follow, PLS Solicitors Corporate Team will provide all the expert legal services you’ll require and help take the headache out of getting your new venture off the ground.

Consideration must be given to fundamental Legal issues when considering setting up a business. We can help you give these issues the required thought and help you make initial decisions to take your venture forward. The various issues include;

  • Will your business be selling goods or services or both?
  • How risky is your new business concept? How do you wish to approach the various risks?
  • Where will your business operate from?
  • Do you intend on employing  staff at the outset?
  • Have you look at potential funding ?
  • Do you have a business plan or a marketing strategy?

There are around 5 million new business startups every year on average in the UK. Around 60% set up as sole traders, around 30% start as limited companies and the remaining 10% as partnerships.

If you are buying an existing business or taking on a franchise, it’s vital to check exactly what you are agreeing to. Identifying and addressing the main legal issues when you start the business will ensure you make the right choices and avoid potentially expensive blunders.

Our initial business startup services will include advising you on the best legal entity to use to start your business, in legal and real terms. We can direct and advise you on the formalities and the basic contracts you should have to protect yourself and project the right business image to clients or suppliers. We offer these services at prices specifically discounted to recognize that for most new business start ups, finances are tight.

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