PLS Solicitors’s views on what impact the case management system will have on transaction times
21st February 2012

PLS Solicitors has recently invested in the Proclaim case management system. This is an important investment as it will result in several major benefits to the firm.

Firstly, it will be possible to track cases on the system as they develop. Each step in a transaction will be logged and will then be viewable to anybody in the firm logging onto Proclaim. This will improve the flow of information to clients as each fee earner’s assistant will be able to answer calls from clients, thus freeing them up to spend more time on core legal work. Reception staff will be able to respond to client queries by accessing the system, which will improve efficiency across the firm.

Secondly, reports on title will be made easier for fee earners to write as a sophisticated system of precedents has been devised which will save time in terms of manually typing up references to provisions from documents. Also, administrative time spent on scanning in attachments to reports on title will be saved as reports will refer to the relevant provisions within the body of each report and not on separate annexures.

When post and emails arrive each day, they will be logged onto the system and then diary reminders will be set up for fee earners to carry out routine tasks and to chase outstanding information. This will save time in terms of fee earners having to manually go through files and extensive email chains which are currently stored on their own individual hard drives in order to retrieve information and chase important deadlines.

Banks of precedents will be created which will be easily accessible for e.g. client care letters which will save significant amounts of time. Clients’ names and details will be pre-inserted into these documents, saving much time spent in copy-typing. Drafting of completion statements and bills will also be made much easier and less time-consuming due to both the standardisation of these documents across the firm and the pre-insertion of clients’ financial data. It is important to stress that the system will only be as good as the information that is entered into it, therefore the above time saving is dependent on the correct inputting of data in the first place.

An important aspect of the new case management system will be the linking in of our Accounts systems onto Proclaim, resulting in the firm being able to more easily view financial information in respect of each transaction on screen. This will result in more time savings as this data will be more readily accessible to fee earners and assistants, which will ease the progress of each transaction on completion day.

This is an exciting time for the firm as the new system beds in and the above time savings start to be realised. Time savings will start to filter through in the coming weeks and months as more of our clients reap the benefits of our powerful new system.

Please do get in touch if you have any queries on the operation of Proclaim or would like further detail on any aspect of the above.

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