PLS Solicitors’s Commitment to staying on top of technology
22nd December 2011

Here at PLS Solicitors we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a professional, efficient and swift service. In order to do so we are constantly having to upgrade and expand our technology and software to ensure that we are meeting the deadlines that we promise our clients.

This month we have linked up with a market leading American company called Docusign, The new software allows clients to receive official legal documents electronically and then formally sign and return the documentation with an electronic signature without the need to print a single piece of paper or waste vital days waiting for the post man to arrive.

The aim ultimately is for PLS Solicitors to run as a virtually paperless office therefore further cutting the time that that it takes to complete a transaction. We understand that people often don’t have time to sit at home completing form after form and we are constantly finding ways to make this easier for our clients.

PLS Solicitors has also recently invested in a state of the art case management system allowing us to effectively manage our workflow and caseloads. The software allows the team to provide clients with detailed updates online, via email or a quick text message.

PLS Solicitors Solicitors have quickly built a reputation with local Solicitors, Estate Agents and clients alike for completing conveyancing transactions in such an expeditious manner and feel that in order to uphold this reputation then we have no other choice but to ensure that we move as quickly as technology does.

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