PLS is upping its game on social media
17th September 2018

An interview with Aash Dhand – Joint Managing Director

Over the next few weeks, we will be ramping up our social media visibility. We have an exciting campaign starting late autumn where we will be promoting an important USP for our firm. Only this month, August 2018, our views and impressions have gone up exponentially.  As a proptech firm, social media provides exciting opportunities for us. WATCH THIS SPACE FOR OUR #SAYYESPLS24/7 CAMPAIGN.

How did you assess which platforms make sense for your business?

Over the summer we have taken part in a brand re-design that reflects our fast and professional approach. With the development of an app and both a B2B and B2C consumer audience, it was key for us to narrow down a way to talk to both existing and potential customers while keeping our content on-brand, something we found difficult to do with the more fast-moving platforms such as Snapchat.

To that extent we are focussing on Facebook and Twitter for our B2C audience and LinkedIn for B2B.

Are there any integrations or social management platforms that make your life easier?

Certainly, we have tried external platforms when there have been multiple users but we have some key members of staff now in place who simply use the existing mechanisms within the sites, this simplifies our social media strategy.

Facebook for business makes things incredibly easy and we can already see increases in our page likes and interactions, whereas with LinkedIn there is an emphasis on staff themselves to work with our content team and ensure they have the correct details on the site. We see it as our front of house.

How do you know how to get the most for your money – and where do you spend your budget (Google AdWords etc)?

This is something that is constantly evaluated and we have a great team in place who work with experts to make sure we are targeting the right audience. Whether that’s tweaking a headline or sticking with a formula that works, we tend to work in campaign timelines. This is often on a monthly or rolling basis so it gives us plenty of time to evaluate.

Right now, we use a mixture of Facebook advertising and Google Adwords. We are evaluating LinkedIn advertising also.

How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing?

Again, those built-in metrics really are all we need. This gets collated each month and the team look at what we did well or what social-factors played a part. For instance, people might not want to talk about housing complexities around the world-cup, but when the university students go back we found a guide to tenant law was really helpful. For us, it’s about anticipating those bumps in the road and using social media as a conversation starter to build our brand. We want PLS to be the recommended legal firm of choice, and so being fast, helpful and reliable means we really need to have a great presence of social media. No business can really ignore it.

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