Operation Golding – The Phone Hacking Scandal Continues
29th January 2015

If you thought that the Phone Hacking Scandal was over – think again!

After successfully pursuing phone hacking claims against News International following the scandal at the News of the World, Adam Pavey has now been instructed by high profile clients on a number of new cases relating to phone hacking carried out by the Trinity Mirror news group.

Operation Golding is an investigation that has been launched by the Metropolitan Police into phone hacking at the Trinity Mirror news group, and is running alongside the existing Police investigations into phone hacking at the News of the World , namely Operations Weeting and Pinetree.

Adam says:-
“The phone hacking scandal represents a pivotal point in defining the relationship between the press and individual freedom. The Leveson enquiry has shown that the press were hell bent on publishing stories without any consideration to the tactics used and the effects on their victims.

The clients whom I have represented felt that they would hear no more about voicemail interception and this now appears not to be the case.

When the hacking scandal that engulfed the News of the World came to light the public were, at first, led to believe that these practices were isolated to newspapers ran by News International. However, the new investigation into the Mirror shows that phone hacking was much more widespread than initially imagined. “

Celebrities and public figures, some of whom were also embroiled in hacking claims against News International, are now dismayed to find that there is evidence their phones may have been hacked by the Mirror after the confession of former Mirror journalist Dan Evans. Adam Pavey goes on to explain:

“Clients whom I successfully acted for in their claims against News International are now instructing me to pursue fresh claims against the Trinity Mirror group in light of this evidence.

“The extent of phone hacking at the Mirror has been unravelled by Operation Golding since the confession of former journalist Dan Evans in early 2014. Such evidence has shown that phone hacking was carried out at an astonishing scale, and the fundamental right to privacy of many public figures seems to have been completely ignored in favour of chasing higher circulation figures.”

Adam is a specialist in perusing phone hacking claims and has used his expertise to recover substantial damages for his clients in relation to hacking uncovered at the News of the World by Operation Pinetree. He now continues to advise a number of high profile clients in relation to phone hacking at the Mirror uncovered by Operation Golding.

If you are concerned that you may have been a victim of phone hacking please contact Adam Pavey on 0161 941 7449 or via email on apavey@pls-solicitors.co.uk.

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