Money Laundering
18th January 2012

Here at PLS Solicitors we take Money Laundering very seriously.

Money laundering is widely defined in the UK. In effect any handling or involvement with any proceeds of any crime (or monies or assets representing the proceeds of crime) can be a money laundering offence. An offender’s possession of the proceeds of his own crime falls within the UK definition of money laundering. The definition also covers activities which would fall within the traditional definition of money laundering as a process by which proceeds of crime are concealed or disguised so that they may be made to appear to be of legitimate origin.

Therefore at PLS Solicitors we carry out various searches on all of our Clients to ensure there is no Criminal activity in regard to Money Laundering within our firm.

Upon instructing PLS Solicitors to act for them, All of our Clients are requested to provide proof of identification and Proof of Funds to enable us to carry out our Anti Money Laundering Searches.

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