Legal Issues Concerning the Responsibilities of Organisations
18th January 2013

Recent news about the Jimmy Savile Investigation has brought into question important legal issues concerning the responsibilities of organisations.

There are a number of potential claimants who are bringing claims against the BBC and other organisations with which Savile was involved.  The responsibility of those organisations for the actions of Savile relates to the law of “vicarious responsibility”.  In short is the organisation to blame for the activities of their employees and agents.

This issue has been considered in detail in recent cases concerning child abuse victims of the Catholic church.  The church authorities have tried to argue that they are not responsible for the actions of their priests.  They argue that the relationship is very different from that of employer and employee for example.

Thankfully case law is now moving in the right direction and the courts are holding organisations responsible for the actions of their agents.  If you have been the victim of abuse please contact Adam Pavey who is specialised in this area.

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