Increase in British property stock value
14th January 2013

An increase in value of £57 billion in 2012 saw the total value of all British homes of £5.963 trillion at the end of December. According to the data from property website this represents an increase of 0.97% from £5.906 trillion at the end of 2011. The figures are calculated by combining the estimated current market value of every individual home across Britain. As ever there was significant regional variation in the figures with property values in England faring much better than Scotland and Wales. English property value was up 1.2% to £64.8bn whilst falling by 0.3% in Scotland and 3.1% in Wales.

London continued to dominate price increases, with a £42.4billion increase in value in 2012.

The market has been largely flat for the past three years however the total value of all homes in Britain has still risen £1.9 trillion over the last decade.

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