In August this year, PLS launched its Make the Change campaign. Hear the story of our rising stars.
03rd October 2018

In August this year, PLS launched its Make the Change campaign.

The campaign is designed to attract experienced and qualified conveyancers, experienced conveyancing assistants and those looking for a complete change of career to enter in to conveyancing for the first time.

PLS is a modern and progressive property law firm, changing the way our clients feel about law. Our brand proposition is 24/7 and 7 days a week, meaning we are accessible to our customers as and when they need us. Through our Make the Change campaign we are looking for driven, enthusiastic people who want to make a difference in the same way.

Sarah Millican, head of HR says “The campaign has been a tremendous success so far. In the past month we have recruited talented, experienced and aspiring professionals – we are delighted with the response”.

This month we have interviewed some of our rising stars just to give you a flavour of how PLS is really leading the way in recruitment for residential conveyancing. Josh, who joined PLS In July 2017, is currently studying an NVQ level 3 in Law and is football mad!

Josh, what made you want to join PLS?

I went to college like most of my friends but didn’t enjoy it. While they were thinking about what university to go to, I was looking into unemployment rates and job guarantees.

Instead, I turned to an apprenticeship and gaining work experience. The ability to get paid while qualifying really appealed to me, so I left the A-levels behind and started in PLS. I’m just about to finish my level 3 in law which is equivalent to an A-level and then hopefully I will go onto my level 6. This should allow me to qualify as a legal executive in around 5-years’ time.

As for my friends, they are now getting ready to go to university and trying to find weekend jobs while I’m earning and learning at the same time. I try not to rub it in though.

What do you currently do in your day job?

To be honest it has changed so much since I started.

When I first arrived, I was part of the admin team, opening letters and allocating to the various teams. Bizarrely, it is this role that helps you get an insight in to what the firm does. I soon progressed to post-completion, registering properties at the land-registry. Now I work in conveyancing as an assistant which I actually really love.

Every day I learn something new but it’s never boring. I still have exams to fit in, but my hands-on learning gives me lots of evidence to talk about. In my last speaking exam, I had tons to talk about – probably a bit too much!

What would you like to do in the future?

It’s perhaps a bit ambitious but I’d like to continue progressing through PLS and maybe run my own team one day once qualified. I’ve met other people at the company who have done the same and that makes me think I can do it too. I want to prove that I’m good enough to stay really.

I’m lucky in that there are other people completing the level 6 within the business, so there are always people to chat to. If I hadn’t had found this apprenticeship I’m not sure what I would be doing. I’m really happy that I followed my heart and went with PLS.

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