How to respond to an Employment Claim
20th February 2012

Employers have faced a 52% rise in the number of employment claims in the past year.  This is due to the ease with which Claimants can lodge a claim at the Tribunal.  A tribunal claim can be filled in and submitted online within a matter of minutes.  There is also no fee for lodging the claim at the tribunal and so there is nothing to stop employees or ex-employees having a go at bringing a claim.

It is very important that the employer responds to the Claim within the time limits imposed.  If the employer does not reply in the correct way then the tribunal can issue a judgment without hearing anything from the employer.  It is extremely important that the response form, or ET3, is correctly drafted and deals with all the allegations.  Using a solicitor to draft the response means that the correct law will be quoted and the employee put on notice that you are dealing with the claim properly.  Many employers can cause themselves great difficulties at the Tribunal as a result of poorly drafted response forms.

The most important thing to remember is to get advice early.  Many problems can be resolved and avoided by having correct procedures and dealing with work place problems quickly and effectively.

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