How to choose a good conveyancing solicitor
09th January 2012

There is a lot of difference between a good and bad solicitor.

The conveyancing process in the UK can be a very slow, leaving clients wondering what is happening and if anything is happening at all, due to the fact that they are offered a service rather than a product.

Some conveyancers can be extremely difficult and not offer any guidance or help, here at PLS Solicitors Manchester, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients a professional, efficient and friendly service.

In order to do so we are constantly having to upgrade and expand our technology and software to ensure that we are meeting the deadlines that we promise our clients.

Our initial contact with the client is either through email or telephone, usually from purchasers or sellers asking for a quote, the partners will personally phone the client back and provide them with a competitive quote, including disbursements.

If you have been provided with a quote by another firm that you feel is a competitive conveyancing quote you should ask if there are any additional fees, as these may not be included in original quote.

At PLS Solicitors if a client leaves a message the fee earner or their assistant will ring the client back within 24 hours, we know that one phone call providing the client with an update can save anxiety and shows that we are proactive in pushing the transaction through. We suggest if you have called a solicitor and left a message and he has not responded within 2 days it is unlikely that they are proactive. Good conveyancers cannot over communicate.

Ask your solicitor who will be working on your file as if the file is passed around there is a risk of something important being missed. At PLS Solicitors we have a specialised team which is mixed with solicitors, legal professionals and assistants. Usually a team consist of a conveyancing professional and an assistant, who are happy to help with any queries you may have, and are contactable by telephone or email.

Some solicitors offer a more old-fashioned service, which may protract the matter, unnecessarily. Please refer to our section on Why Choose PLS Solicitors.

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