How long will the legal work take?
04th January 2012

As a fee earner in PLS Solicitors’s residential Conveyancing department I have found that I am always asked at the beginning of a transaction “how long will the legal work take”.

Here at PLS Solicitors in Manchester we understand that buyers and sellers are very eager to move as quickly as possible and we that is why we use our expertise to enable the Conveyancing process to move smoothly and quickly.

Years ago the Conveyancing process could take anywhere between 10 to 12 weeks from start to finish but now the Conveyancing transaction can be completed within a 4 week turnaround or less and the secret to this quick turnaround you ask is with the use of modern technology and specifically the use of email.

At PLS Solicitors we use email to communicate with all parties in the Conveyancing transaction to ensure that all enquiries and searches are dealt with in a timely fashion which can make all the difference in a successful exchange and completion and a sale/purchase failing through.

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