Government cuts plan to save £220m on Legal Aid.
15th April 2013

Recent news suggests that the government is introducing new plans which will see the legal aid system save £220m. Such measures will controversially see wealthy individuals with an income of £37,500 or more restricted from legal aid provided by the government.

It was said by The Law Society that the matter could be “Catastrophic”.

However, Chris Grayling, Justice Secretary believes that convicted criminals should be paying for their own legal defence and should pay the consequences through punishment.  Those who are found guilty may have the expenses deducted from their future earnings to make further savings to the massive legal aid bills.

The government have also decided to tighten rules to stop immigrants from entering the country just to access the legal aid system.

Law firms have predicted that the changes will reduce the amount of people eligible for legal aid by 75% which will mean a significant drop of about 200,000 cases.

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