Debt Collection
05th March 2013

Business debt collection is important to many companies. If customers or clients refuse to pay it can severely affect your finances, so having someone you can call on to arrange business debt recovery quickly and easily is a vital consideration. That’s where we come in. Here at PLS Solicitors we’re committed to providing business to business debt recovery services, providing a cost-effective and reliable solution to your needs. We have a team of debt collection solicitors with years of experience in the field of business debt recovery, and we can put that level of experience to good use – we provide a fast, efficient and effective business debt collection service, ensuring you get the money that you’re owed without the hassle.

It’s often thought that the services of debt recovery solicitors will be incredibly expensive, but that’s not the case when you come to us. We pride ourselves on offering fast and efficient business debt recovery whilst ensuring you pay rock bottom prices, offering the most cost-effective form of business debt recovery around.

We appreciate the competing priorities of maintaining a healthy balance sheet against maximising client retention. By taking time to understand your business and the wider commercial environment in which you operate, we can provide proactive, timely and cost-effective solutions to debt recovery.

Our Debt Recovery team has experience across all aspects of recovery and enforcement, with particular specialisms in:

• letters before action

• issue of County Court claims

• enforcement of judgments

• issue of statutory demands

• bankruptcy proceedings

• winding-up proceedings

Combining the personal touch of an experienced team with modern technology means our debt collection team can tailor our service to the needs of small businesses with a single debt, or to large companies with multiple debtors.

• we accept instructions by email, fax, phone or post

• we guarantee that all instructions are dealt with on the day of receipt

• an acknowledgement is issued in relation to all instructions received

To talk to a member of the Debt Collection Team call 0161 941 7449.

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