A Bumper Decade for PLS As They Invite Clients to Say Yes PLS!
17th October 2018

PLS Solicitors has just celebrated a huge milestone, it has been 10-years since the then 2-man band with one phone between them first started, but they are now one of Manchester’s top employers.

 While a lot was different in 2008, not least Take That were top of the charts and Labour leader Gordon Brown was still in office, it was also the year that the economic crash really took hold. 

 As Co-Managing Director Aashim Dhand admits, “Starting a new business in the shadow of the 2008 financial crisis probably wasn’t the best idea.”

 Regardless, PLS has grown from a 2-man enterprise located behind (a very helpful) estate agency in Manchester, to a national brand with over 160 staff.

Co-founder Managing Director Rob Thomas still thinks himself lucky. He comments: “Who would have thought that our chance introduction in 2009 would have led to the success which we now enjoy with PLS Solicitors as one of the leading providers of conveyancing services in the UK. We have grown to become a formidable business partnership and close friends.”

Aash and Rob celebrated with the team in the office and to give you a sense of what drives them, here are ten things you may not know about PLS. 

  1. PLS stands for Property Legal Solicitors – this no-nonsense approach to legal services when buying or selling a home has led to them to become a power house in the North-West, and further spreading throughout the country.
  2. When Aash Dhand first started PLS he would regularly stay up until 2am in a morning scanning home information packs. It wasn’t long before he was ready to share the burden and after meeting Rob Thomas, they formed a partnership that was to grow and grow.
  3. As Aash and Rob put their networking skills to good use, soon a third member of the team was recruited and became their first employee, Pauline Gill. She liked them so much that she stayed for a number of years and whilst Pauline is no longer with the firm, they remain close friends.
  4. Since 2008 PLS offices have moved 4 times as staff quickly increased, before finally acquiring PLS house in 2013 and Bridgewater House in 2015.
  5. For Aash his proudest moment was moving in to PLS House, and then having to also acquire the building next door – by 2015 as they had managed to fill it with staff.
  6. Rob believes that new technology will set PLS apart from the competition, his proudest moment of the last decade was launching an app called 24/7 that allowed developers and clients to access their documents on the move, allowing for speedy completions that set them apart in the market.
  7. PLS has won a number of awards and have been shortlisted for many more, from the National Customer Service Awards for Conveyancers – the ESTAs 2018 (results to be announced soon) to the LFS Conveyancing Awards and the Modern Law Conveyancing Awards.
  8. PLS currently handle around 20% of property conveyancing for new builds in the North-West, but they are also gaining a reputation both nationally and internationally, with a new office in London and a nationwide network of business development and client relationship managers.
  9. Together, Aash and Rob want to spend the next ten-years incubating their own training academy in ‘the PLS way’ and offering great customer service in the conveyancing and new-build services industry.
  10. The team might be celebrating, but the Managing Directors are certainly looking forward to the future. The pair are on a mission to make the legal requirements associated with property as easy and stress free as possible. You can follow PLS and find all their latest news here: https://www.pls-solicitors.co.uk/latest-news/

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