Danielle Woods joined PLS in March 2018 and has progressed rapidly since joining the company.
18th October 2018

What made you want to join PLS?

I moved around a lot while in my 20s and never got the opportunity to put down roots in my career. While working for a different law firm, I decided to go back to studying to become a licensed conveyancer but there was no progression there.

PLS is a well-known firm in the North West and I had heard good things about them. On joining the company I had a meeting with the Operations Director, Dan Hickey, and he agreed that we would continue to review my progression and I began as a Senior Assistant to start with.

What do you currently do in your day job?

Well it’s been a rapid progression since March! I took to the job like a duck to water and in just over a month, I started handling my own case files. It soon became apparent that I had the expertise to progress quickly and I was put on the PLS Progression Plan. I am really pleased to say that I have recently been promoted to Conveyancer/Team Manager and am now responsible for my own team and files.

I am also currently studying for my Level 4 Diploma in Licenced Conveyancing which will then lead on to a Level 6 and see me fully qualified. PLS has been absolutely great about it. I study most lunchtimes, I can request leave if I need to and have literally tons of experienced people around me to approach for help. Accounts have even offered to help me with my book keeping exam. It’s such a supportive environment.

What would you like to do in the future?

I would love to continue working my way up, perhaps as an associate director one day. I’ve literally started out from the bottom, in the post room having left school at 16. But I’ve had an interest in law since being a child.

I love conveyancing, it is process based and gives me a satisfaction that everything has been ‘ticked off’ on my list. Most of all I love diving into the historical documents which as often crucial to my work. Poring over pieces of paper as big as a dining table or going back to the 1700s looking for title deeds – every day really is different.

It makes everything I’ve done previously worthwhile. I’ve got here eventually!

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