Feel like shooting the Monkey?
13th July 2012

Businesses today face levels of litigation risk unheard of even a few years ago. Threats could come from employees; customers; regulators and the costs to fight even the most frivolous cases are significant. Indeed the risk and potential costs associated with fighting are often too great.

Despite this many continue to rely on conventional time based relationships with solicitors. They pay for time to design contracts and agreements, only to pay again if they are challenged.

Is there a better way?

What if you could avoid an open ended cost commitment and yet choose to work with your preferred solicitor. What if your business and its directors were protected in the event of a qualifying dispute? Better yet, what if we could reduce your legal costs next year?

Is that monkey getting too much?

Our clients enjoy enhanced levels of protection thanks to our innovative service which gives them access to their own legal team. They have a fixed cost for this legal service and know that within that costs they can act against employees, customers or suppliers as appropriate.

Let us explain how

Terry Ratcliffe will be follow up with a view to setting up an initial discussion to establish if there is a business fit between our organisations.

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