Creative funding for commercial litigation
21st December 2011

PLS Solicitors are experienced in all sorts of commercial litigation.

It is essential at the start of every litigation case that a barristers legal opinion is obtained at the start of every retainer in order to verify the prospects of successfully defending or making a claim through the courts.

PLS Solicitors maintain a close relationship with all the barristers they instruct and will ensure that your case is clearly present to the barrister so that the prospects of success can be adequately obtained.

PLS Solicitors appreciate that litigation is not always the correct approach to resolving an issue and our litigation lawyers are always keen to assist in negotiating any settlements pre action.

In addition here at PLS Solicitors we appreciate that most clients are concerned with the cost of litigation and in order to assist to quantify this risk our litigation lawyers have the following proposals:

  1. An initial review of the case is conducted in order to gauge the prospects of success of the case
  2. In the event that the prospects are high then they will take the case on the basis of a no win no fee
  3. You will only be obliged to pay for the disbursements such as court issue fees and allocation fees.
  4. We will obtain an insurance policy to cover you against your opponents litigation costs in the event that you do not win your case

PLS Solicitors would be keen to assess any potential litigious matter which you have on. In that regard please refer to our page on commercial disputes.

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