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Annulment / Rescission of Bankruptcy Orders and Appeals

Annulment / Rescission of Bankruptcy Orders and Appeals with PLS Solicitors

At PLS Solicitors we specialise in investigating the circumstances in which bankruptcy orders are made and then advising on the Pros and Cons of annulling, rescinding or appealing. Once the best course of action has been agreed, PLS will draft and issue the necessary application with supporting statements and deal with the matter all the way through to the final hearing.

PLS provides expert legal and sound practical advice and assistance through every stage of the process and on the granting of an order, will seek to correct the information held by the credit agencies.

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An order annulling a bankruptcy order effectively cancels the bankruptcy and places the former bankrupt back in a position of not having been made bankrupt.

A bankruptcy order can be annulled by the court if:-

1. at any time it appears to the court that the order should not have been made on grounds that existed at the time the original order was made; or
2. the debts and expenses of the bankruptcy have been either paid in full or secured to the satisfaction of the court since the making of the order.

A court may review, rescind or vary a bankruptcy order and the grounds are similar to those governing annulments. Reasons can include new information or a change of attitude by the petitioning creditor.

If a bankruptcy order has been wrongly made the order can be appealed but to succeed, it is necessary to show that there was a err in principle or law by the judge when exercising his discretion.

PLS Solicitors specialise in advising on the complex area of personal insolvency, especially Annulment / Rescission of Bankruptcy Orders and Appeals. We offer a friendly, efficient and effective legal advice on any area of personal insolvency.

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