ET3 | ET1 | Employment Tribunal Forms

If your business has received an Employment Tribunal Claim Form (ET1), informing you that a current or former employee has lodged a complaint against you, it is vital that you act quickly and prepare a suitable response. There are extremely strict time limits for responding to tribunal claims and if you do not reply in time, you could have a judgment entered against you.

Understandably, many businesses are unsure how to react upon receiving notice of a claim. The prospect of having to complete an Employment Tribunals Response Form (ET3) can be daunting for companies that have never been in this position before, but it is vital that the correct information is submitted to the tribunal. For the business to put itself in the best possible position, the necessary details must be included, and the relevant facts outlined if it is intending to resist the claim.

PLS Solicitors offers a fast and cost-effective service for dealing with employment tribunal claims and will be able to guide your firm through the whole process. After filling out the attached form and sending it to our team, an employment law specialist will be in contact to discuss the details of the case, before drafting the ET3 response form on your behalf.

Our complete service is available for a fixed fee of £500.00 plus VAT, and will ensure that your business is ideally placed to be able to defend itself against claims of unfair dismissal, discrimination in the workplace, and claims for redundancy payments. Our employment law solicitors have experience advising companies across a whole range of industries and so whatever the nature of your claim, we will be able to provide expert advice and assistance.

PLS Solicitors also represents employees who believe they have been unfairly dismissed from their jobs. Our specialists are able to provide employment law advice on how a dispute can be resolved, and whether the case is suitable to go before an employment tribunal, as well as help completing an online ET1 tribunal form which is used to register a claim. At PLS Solicitors we are well aware that taking a case before an employment tribunal can be stressful, which is why we believe having the support of an experienced team can make all the difference.

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