If you are an employer, getting your employees to signing a compromise agreement when they are first hired is incredibly important, as it can protect you from disputes further down the line. If you terminate an employees' contract without a compromise agreement in place, they could win a dispute at an employment tribunal. A compromise agreement will give you the protection you need in circumstances such as these, which is why it is advisable for all employers to have one drafted.

Even employers can find employment law confusing sometimes, which is where PLS Solicitors can help. We can give you the assistance you need when creating your compromise agreement and can also offer employment law advice to make sure you know the facts.

Your compromise agreement can be specifically tailored to your workplace and will protect you in the event of an employee's termination, be it due to a breach of contract, a failure to perform or as a result of redundancies that you have been forced to make. Our employment law solicitors will help you to create a compromise agreement that will help both you and your business by stopping any of your former employees from raising a claim against you.

One of the many clauses that we are able to include in compromise agreements is a confidentiality clause, which will stop your ex-employees from releasing information relating to your business to any future employers or industry competitors. Our team of employment law specialists will ensure your compromise agreement is properly drafted to stop any employees from filing a claim against you and your business.

If an employee is currently attempting to take you to an employment tribunal, be it through the belief that they have been subject to an unfair dismissal or otherwise, we can provide you with the employment legal advice you need.