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How long will conveyancing take?

It is very hard to give a precise timescale as to how long a purchase will take to complete, as a lot of the time we are dependent on third parties such as your mortgage lender, and how quick the sellers solicitors take to respond to any enquiries which we raise.

Normally we believe 4 to 6 weeks is a good indication for a normal conveyancing transaction. However, we cannot guarantee timescales due to the third party involvement.

On average we find that if you are purchasing a leasehold property a further two weeks is sometime incurred over and above the timescale above. The reason for this is that sometimes the Management Company’s take quite some time to respond to management company enquires.

We would also say that if you are purchasing using the governments Help to Buy scheme that a further two weeks over and above the timescale mentioned above, is needed, because the Help to Buy Agency require certain prescribed periods of notice to be given before exchange and completion.

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