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Personal Guarantees

Personal Guarantees with PLS Solicitors

PLS Solicitors specialise in Personal Guarantees or PG’s. Personal guarantees (“PG’s”) are common place and in essence are agreements whereby one party promises to honour or guarantees, the obligations of another. Personal Guarantees can be found in agreements for bank loans, leases, trade supplies and credit, to name but a few. PG’s are frequently in relation to financial obligations but can also be in relation covenants in leases and other non-monitory obligations.

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Careful thought should be given and proper advice obtained as to the potential consequences, before signing any Personal Guarantee. Problems arise when there is default and the party who has given the PG is called upon to discharge the obligations of the other party whether due to their default or otherwise. Default can potentially have far reaching consequences not only for those who have given Personal guarantees but also for their families and in serious cases can result in properties being sold and even bankruptcy.

PLS Solicitors specialise in investigating and advising on the complex area of commercial litigation, especially Personal Guarantess. We offer a friendly, efficient and effective legal advice on any area of commercial litigation.

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