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Breach of Contract

Understanding Breach of Contract with PLS Solicitors

PLS Solicitors specialise in investigating and advising on the complex area of the law contract and breach of contract. Here you’ll find everything you need to know about a breach of contract or agreement. PLS provides sound legal and practical advice along with assistance to handle claims arising out of breach of contract through all stages of the litigation process.

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An agreement or contract can be oral or written or a combination of both and each of us make contracts both in our personal and business lives each and every day, whether it being in buying a pint of milk, taking the tram to work, buying a car or property, taking a lease, providing services etc etc. The list is endless.

In many and probably most cases, everything runs smoothly with each party to the contract doing what they have agreed or are obliged to do. However, things can go wrong, especially in business contracts with one or more parties breaching the terms agreed in the contract.

Where there is a breach (or alleged breach) or when a party believes another intends to breach the terms of a contract then depending on the extent and / or seriousness of the breach or breaches, one or more parties may seek to enforce (by way of an injunction) or to rescind (repudiate) the contact and/or claim damages.

Generally, claims based on Breach of Contract must be commenced by the issue of court proceedings within 6 years of the breach (or 12 years if a Deed) otherwise the right is lost.

PLS Solicitors specialise in investigating and advising on the law contract and breaches of contract. We offer friendly, efficient and solid legal advice on any area of commercial litigation.

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